Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Exercising Twice Daily.....

Yesterday evening I was a bad girl, I took too much palmnut soup (made with palm fruit and consumed mostly in Africa). I knew I was going to pay for that decision so I wasn't surprised when I checked my weight this morning and the scale still read 100.5. Guess it means i will be taking lesser amounts of palmnut soup from now on.  

Now, to the topic of discussion. I've read several articles that suggest that exercising twice daily is a very effective way of ensuring weight loss. My friend who happens to be a dietitian also suggested that since I love jumping rope, doing that twice daily in conjunction with resistance bands wasn't a bad idea. So I've decided to try that from today and see what happens by the end of the week. I however, will be variating my workouts to include going  for walks or doing the treadmill in the evenings.

This morning I found out that I finished 1000 jumps in just 20 minutes; a huge achievement since a few months ago, it took me almost 45 minutes of panting to get there... Yayy! And, since I had to work out for thirty minutes, I added another 500 jumps making it a total of 1500 jumps this morning.

Diet-wise, I seem to be lacking my appetite this morning so I had a Diet Coke (I know that's bad!), and a small pita bread. After taking that, I decided to sip my usual green tea. Perhaps by lunch I will be able to consume the brown rice and vegetable sauce I prepared.

Now that I'm a lot wiser, I'll definitely have a tuna/chicken salad for dinner.

Hope your day is as good as I 'm hoping mine will be....

P.S: Thanks to all the followers/comments.


  1. I can only imagine that exercising two times a day would be beneficial. I think the real question though is if one can keep up with a pace of exercising two times. I know for me...getting the gumption to exercise ONCE a day is difficult enough!

  2. @ MaryFran: Lol! I know.., After a tiring day at work, the last thing on your mind is a workout. I'm sure that's one reason why many people like to workout in the mornings. Do it and get it out of the way.. ;-)

  3. TAAAAAWWIIIICE?? You want to exercise twice? Ahaha! Good on ya. Even if one of the workouts is half the length of the other, there is nothing wrong with getting the heart rate up twice a day.

    Now, to get my butt moving once a day . . .

  4. 1500 jumps sounds great...I must try skipping rope again...gosh it seems like so long since I did that....thanks for the reminder to pull out a school time favourite...hugs Khris

  5. I like that you bumped it from 1000 to 1500 jumps. Energy used varies directly with distance traveled (in this case the number of jumps) so the more jumps you do, in your set, the more effective your workout.
    You are doing the right things. Working out twice a day will be good. Hard to get started but after a few weeks you will realize how much you enjoy the feeling when it is part of your routine. You have it in you. You can do twice a day.

  6. @ Michelle: :-).

    @ Khris: Thanks for visiting and following my blog. Oh! and u are welcome.

    @ Mike: Thanks man. It means a lot to me.


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