Saturday, October 23, 2010


Last night I had pasta and hot pepper sauce for dinner. My Mom seemed to be worried because she felt it was high in calories but what I ate wasn't even up to 100g which is equivalent to 362 kcal, making me sure that it was ok.

Sometimes it's easier to say "I'm not eating this or that", but what happens when you crave it? Do you look the other way when deep in your heart you really want a bite. I would rather look at the moderation factor and caloric content. If I take in something, I make sure that it's subtracted from the daily requirements and balance it at the next meal. It helps and prevents a binge-fest later.

Weighed in at 99.7 meaning I've lost 0.3kg. Not bad, right?

Today is rest day for moi though, I may go for a walk and lift some weights later in the day. I think my joints need a break from the jumping so the jumprope will be off duty today.

Hope you all have good news to share. And if you don't have any, please don't be discouraged. Just keep doing your thing and you'll soon be smiling.

Y'all have a great weekend......

P.S I pray we resist all temptation since it's the weekend and we are at home.

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