Friday, August 17, 2012

My Obsession with the Number 199.

In one of my previous posts I said I was not going to post any weigh ins until I saw the number 200lbs on the scale. However, due to so many frustrating weigh ins I've decided to break the rule. This morning I stood on the scale and saw 209lbs so, my goal for the next two months is to hit 199lbs by November 16. Thankfully, now that I have an elliptical in my bedroom I can workout at 12 midnight, 3am or any other time I feel like it.

What do you think? Is 10lbs in two and a half months workable?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My New Baby!

I got this on Saturday.....

My gym's membership fees was just getting ridiculous. There was no way I could keep it up so I decided to make a long term investment. We already have a treadmill, resistance bands, dumbbells and an exercise ball at home. I think with this addition I don't have to go the gym though I must admit I'm going to miss my personal trainer. Guess I'll just stick to Billy Blanks and Insanity videos.

Anyways, I clocked in 30 minutes on this baby and burnt 350 calories this morning. I plan on doing another 30 minutes this evening.

Hope you are all doing okay.

Cheers folks.