Monday, October 18, 2010


Slow but sure.... I was a bit disappointed when I stepped on the scale this morning but then again, 0.1 is still a change.

This morning started well. I did 1000 jumps with the jumprope before taking a shower and heading for work. I think the menu is healthy enough - I'm having green tea for breakfast and pineapple with some cashew nuts for lunch. Still not sure of what I wanna have for supper but, the day is still young.....


  1. Don't be disappointed with ANY loss. Studies have proven that the slower a person loses the weight, the better the chances that they keep the weight off!!!!

    CELEBRATE that .1!

  2. Keep it up.
    The number is headed in the right direction. How is your water-drinking habit?

  3. @ MaryFran: Thanks lady...

    @ Mike: It is fine. I do drink more than 6cups daily.

  4. I came across your blog on one that I follow and you should be proud of any loss. I also like green tea and my hubby loves it. You just got yourself a new follower so I can see your progress. Have a nice day..

  5. @ Debbie: Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I really appreciate the fact that I get to share my struggles, goals and successes with you. :-)


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