Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Day 7 - It's A Week!

OMG! I'm so excited! I did it! I was able to control myself and avoid all the wrong things for a week. Thank you Jesus! My consultant is excited to see my weigh in tomorrow, as I will be taking a shot of myself on the scale and sending it to her.

Yesterday, I think I overexerted myself a bit at work, as I was quite exhausted after dinner. Had to retire to bed quite early.

Interestingly, I haven't really experience dthe ketosis symptoms mentioned by many on Instagram and Facebook. All I had was saliva in my mouth upon waking for two days :). Is that ketosis?

Can't wait to see what happens on the scale tomorrow. If I lose at least 3 kg, I will be pleased.

Day 7 down, 77 to go.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Day 6

What a day! I resumed work today and had to deal with a flood of aromas every single time I needed to head to the water dispenser.It was okay though, as I know why I'm doing this diet in the first place.

Had a cappuccino shake for breakfast, that was really good. Lunch was a vanilla shake, followed by rice pudding for dinner.

Everything was going pretty well, till I suddenly started feeling pretty tired. I did a lot of work-related walking today, plus the numerous trips to the bathroom. Perhaps that was the cause.

Water intake was great too. I did the 4L and then some.

I'm a bit nervous about my weigh in. TOm has a funny way of messing things up. Fingers crossed though, as it is in two days.

Day 6 down, 78 to go.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Day 5 - No Hunger

It's been five days already! Five days since I decided to give the Cambridge Weight Plan a go. My first weigh in is on Wednesday and I'm quite optimistic about it being a very good weigh in.

Today has been quite a slow day for me as TOM came knocking and the cramps that came with it made it impossible to move about as much as I normally would have. 

On the meal front, here's a summary of what I took today.

I tried the apple and cinnamon porridge. It was good, but I don't see myself taking that often. 

Lunch was a toffee and walnut shake - absolutely horrible. I did not taste the toffee in the shake at all. In fact, it was quite bland. I'm never picking that shake again. 

The chocolate mint shake I had this evening was quite an interesting one. I loved the fact that I could taste the mint with each sip of the shake. Will I have it again? Definitely! However, I'm sure I would prefer plain old chocolate.

I resume work tomorrow and I must confess that I'm nervous about meal times at work. I do not need any naysayers talking about how this diet may not be ideal and blah blah blah. My plan therefore is to be discreet when making my meals. Will be doing more of the shakes at work and having the meals and porridge at home.

Day 5 down, 79 to go.