Wednesday, January 25, 2023

It's Me Again.

 After what seems like eternity, I'm finally back. In the last four years I have tried and failed several times to lose weight. Instead, I just seemed to keep on adding more. For every 2-3kg lost I would end up gaining that and then some. To say I've moved through moods; from depression to despair and then defeat just wouldn't express what I've been through.

I've tried to act like I'm unperturbed by the development. After enjoying the peace of mind and good health that came with weight loss a few years ago. I now have to deal with constant feelings of lethargy and waist pain that only suppositories seem to get rid of. Enough! I'm literally tired of this weight and intend to do something about it.

I won't be standing on the scale or posting a starting weight till the beginning of February. However, we start afresh tomorrow.

The plan is to do the following:

1. Exercise for at least 30mins each day.

2. Eat less carbs.

3. Stay away from soda and juices

4. Eat more vegetables 

We start with baby steps and add on as we go.

I would say wish me luck but at this point I really just need to get off my lazy butt.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Days 2 & 3 on the One2One Diet

 Hello there to anyone reading this. Today is Day 3 and so far things seem to be going okay. I'm grateful that I haven't felt any hunger pangs or headaches as is usually the case in the first few days. Hopefully this smooth sailing continues.

I've been having pretty much the same things so far; porridge, cappuccino shake, couscous, green pesto pasta and chicken tikka curry. Thankfully these are actually very nice so I haven't felt like I'm being punished; even though I must confess that the portions are literally what you'd serve babies.

That being said, I guess a girl has got to do what she's got to, right?

Day 3 down, 81 more to go.


Tuesday, May 4, 2021

We're Doing This Again. Day 1

It's been ages since I posted something on here. How have you guys been?
2020 started on a terrible note with me losing my Mum. Months of depression led to me stuffing my face with all sorts of of junk. Of course, with the metabolism I have, it was only a matter of time before I messed up all my hard work.

So, here we are, 6lbs shy from where it all began in the first place. A part of me is embarrassed that I;m back at this weight, but the other half realized that life isn't a linear journey. Sometimes things do not go according to plan and it is how you handle the situation that really matters.

That being said, I finally started the One2One diet again today, 4th May 2021. For those that don't know much about the plan, you are basically replacing foods with meal replacement shakes, soups, smoothies and savory meals. This program forces the body into fat burning mode, since there are no carbs available for the body to use as energy. The program which comes in various stages, allows you to discipline yourself with the Sole Source stage for about 12 weeks before introducing normal foods gradually into your diet.

I find that doing this strict diet may be the kick in the butt I need to get my weight back in check. With the joint aches I've been experiencing, I daresay losing some kilos will turn the situation around.

The day started on a great note. I must say that being very busy with work also took my mind off food. Sipping green tea also helped with suppressing my appetite and I've had one meal so far.

Starting weight is 247lbs and the plan is to get to Onederland by September. Will be logging daily and posting my meals.

Today's meals are Cappuccino Shake, Original Porridge and Green Pesto Pasta.

Wish me luck.