Thursday, June 21, 2018

100th Day on Cambridge Weight Plan

Wow! Now I know why procrastinating can lead to a wasted year. When I started the program on the 13th of March, my motto was to take things a day at a time. That strategy worked! I have managed to do 12 weeks on Step 1, a week on Step 2 and then go back to Step 1. Determination absolutely leads to success. All we need is to just put in the effort and trust the process.

Today is exactly 100 days since I started the Cambridge Weight Plan. I still maintain that it is the easiest diet I have ever done in my entire life. Seeing the numbers drop consistently was enough motivation to just keep going. I have lost almost 50 lbs in 100 days and I feel more confident and healthy. My blood pressure which was always hovering around 130/90 or 120/80 is now at 100/70.

I have started taking swimming lessons and exercising is so much more fun than it ever used to be. A number of people hear about the diet and think it isn't realistic and try to discourage me, but I never budge. They weren't there when I had to buy new clothes every single month because the old ones wouldn't fit. Neither were they around when I would wake up choking for air in the middle of the night.

The program in my opinion is realistic as it helps you change your relationship with food whilst training you on portion control through the Steps program. So you start with just the products, and begin to introduce normal food as you lose the weight and incorporate exercise into your routine.

I'm so happy and can't wait to see what happens by the end of 2018, as I have dedicated this year to ensuring that I enter 2019 as a healthy, non-obese gal.

Here's to another 100 days by God's grace.