Sunday, June 8, 2014


I keep posting that I am going back to healthy eating and fail to do so. I'm not proud of it but I guess so much was going on in my life that I kind of put my weight loss endeavors at the end of my priority list. After looking deep within and reminding myself why I decided to lose weight in the first place, I decided to start over.

So I finally rebooted my system last week. By reboot I mean resumed healthy eating patterns. And after a few days I began to feel better about myself. I also started eating breakfast at home. I take Lipton tea with skimmed milk and, an omelet with loads of veggies plus two slices of wheat bread for breakfast. Not only does this keep me full, it also helps me avoid junk food such as the pastries that are sold a few blocks away from my workplace.

I sometimes take some fruit as a mid-morning snack. It is usually some pineapple or mango. This keeps me going till about 2-3pm when I take lunch; my heavy meal of the day. Now I hardly take much for supper. It is either some cereal or a glass of juice with a slice of wheat bread.

I have also started weighing my foods for accurate figures. I read somewhere that it helps with weight loss because you get to know exactly how many calories you are consuming, as compared to just measuring and eyeballing quantities. Though I use Myfitnesspal to log in my daily intake I may consider actually writing down what I eat with pen and paper soon. Oh well, let's wait and see.

So, this morning I weighed and realized that I was at 101.8kg. I weighed 103.2kg last Sunday, meaning that I have lost 1.4kg. Under normal circumstances I would rejoice, but I've been here before. All I want to do now is continue watching my food intake and see if I can get to at least 95kg by the end of the month.

I intend to start exercising regularly again. It's the rainy season here so I will have to work out indoors more often.