Sunday, October 10, 2010

For Real This Time!

Here I am, asking myself why I didn't do this sooner. My dietitian said to me, pour out your feelings to someone, but I felt too embarrassed to do so. I just felt too insecure talking bout my weight.  The last personI tried to discuss it with was always pestering to take pills (definitely not my style).

See, in the month of June last year I decided to stop making excuses and get rid of the excess weight on my body. I succeeded in getting rid of 10% of that weight but, getting the rest off has been a real battle. Now after several months of inconsistencies, its time to get back on the wagon.

I'm tired of looking for plus size clothing. I'm tired of being restricted in the clothing styles department and I'm definitely tired of putting my body through unnecessary stress. That's why I decided to start blogging about my weight loss journey; to serve as motivation.

Wish me luck as I try to get rid of the extra 83 pounds that need to go....... I always tell my friends that the next time I buy a pair of jeans, "its gotta be a ten"!


  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's funny to read other people's "first" entries because they are all different but boil down to the same thing. We are just sick & tired of being overweight and we've had it.

    I think you'll find that blogging is motivational like you said but what I didn't realize what how much it would keep me accountable. I laid down my rough plans in the blog and then all of a sudden, I've got some followers who are actually expecting me and encouraging me to follow through. It was an unexpected benefit for me!

    Keep it up! We can totally do this.


  2. @ Michelle: Thank you for visiting and following. Blogging does help a lot. I realised that since I started blogging my exercise routines are regular and I eat healthy.

    I am so sure people are gonna see us and cry one day. :-)


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