Monday, September 2, 2019


After so many fails, I've finally got my head back in the game. Thank God! Losing weight is always the easy part guys. Once you begin to enjoy the parties, outings and late night snacking... there's the tendency to slack off.

It's all fun and games till that favorite pair of jeans don't fit anymore. That was when I snapped out of my lazy streak. I have been a comfortable UK12 since last year November, so imagine how jolted I was out of my reverie when I realized that my UK14s were beginning to become snug.

Well, sometimes that's all a girl needs to kick her butt into gear. I resumed the Cambridge Weight Plan today at 88kg. Better late than never, right?

So, the plan is to stay on the diet till I get to 64kg this time. Yep. I plan on losing 24kg. Dear Lord!

Wish me luck. I'm sure gonna need it.