Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why Am I Losing Weight? The Reasons.

So I have several friends who keep asking me why I punish myself by exercising for 40-60 minutes, 6 days/week. The sad part is that most of them think I'm doing it to please my boyfriend. This of course is true to some extent. After all, who wouldn't want to look hot for her man.

Anyhoo, I decided to write down all  my reasons for losing weight. And I'm sure you'll share some points with me.

Here it goes.......

Why Lose Weight? The List

  1. To increase my fitness and endurance levels
  2. To sleep better and not snore at night
  3. To lower my risk of getting diabetes and heart disease
  4. To feel fabulous
  5. To avoid being called a fatty by total strangers
  6. To be able to buy cute clothes
  7. To look good naked
  8. To find a higher level of confidence
  9. To impress my boyfriend
  10. To make my parents happy
  11. To be able to buy clothes at every clothing store in town
  12. To be able to wear tee shirts and camisoles confidently.
  13. To be able to put on a bathing suit
  14. To live longer and have a bright future
Here it is... At least for now. If any more reasons come up the list will be updated. Do you have any reasons that do not appear on my list? Please share....


  1. I think you have a really good list. And if you are doing it for your man who cares as long as the weight goes away and you feel good about yourself. It is only a problem if he is pressuring you in a negative way to lose weight and that doesn't seem like the case. I say get your inspiration from wherever you need it because it is not easy to lose weight.

  2. I have an edit for number 11. To be able to buy clothes at every clothing store in town except the plus-size store. HAHA!!

    You're doing awesome. It's funny because at first it feels like punishment that goes away after a while. Lots of people don't make it past that. You rock!

  3. @ Shannie: Thanks for the encouragement.

    @ Michelle: Lol! Very important revision. Thank you ;-).

    I do agree with you. Dragging yourself out of bed every morning to work out isn't fun at first but, when you begin to see results it's soo worth it.


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