Sunday, December 5, 2010

94.5. Hard Work Reaps Rewards...

Phew! Finished my workouts a few minutes ago. I really didn't feel like working out but, I had no excuse for not exercising. So, i just reminded myself as usual "No weight loss, no rewards and, stay obese. Trust me when I say that worked for I was up on my feet and power walking my way to Britney Spears' Circus by the 5th minute on the treadmill.

So, I have a few questions; Why don't people get it when we refuse to take weight loss drugs? Don't they realise that practice makes perfect? How am I expected to learn how to have a good lifestyle if I'm to comtinue popping pills just to stay at a healthy weight? Besides, it's not like the drugs give you a toned and defined body or, do they?

Two days ago, someone felt I was wasting my time by exercising and kept trying to recommend a drug to me. I just said to him "Please, I really want to do this my way. I want to be proud enough to say I did it through hard work, dedication and commitment".

After all, it is hard work that reaps the best rewards.



  1. Like you, I stay well away from them.

    I got myself into this, I want to get myself out of it and be proud of what I end up achieving.

    Anyway, if weight loss pills were the solution, why aren't doctors and nutritionists telling us all to go on them? Because they know they don't solve the problem. Good on you girl!

  2. That's right Tim. I'm yet to hear of a weight-loss pill that actually works without killing an internal organ.
    Working out plus incorporating a disciplined eating habit to lose weight will take you far.



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