Friday, July 26, 2013

Early Bird....

It's 4:55am and I just finished working out. Finished my schedule and decided to do an additional 10mins of Shaun T's Total Body Burn which is in the Hip Hop Abs program. Gosh! I'm dripping in sweat. I wish I had a big mirror in my room so I could see what I was doing. Even with the confidence I exude when doing the workout, I'm sure I look way different from those on the screen. Lol! 

I wasn't able to workout yesterday because my right eye hurt so bad and the last thing I could think of was exercise so, there goes my rest day. I'm going to have to exercise on Sunday.

Stepped on the scale this morning and let's just say, I've got tons of work to do if I want to hit my goal for the year. Really need to eat clean. Saw this on Pinterest and it really got to me. Why eat certain foods and punish yourself later?

 Guess my problem has always been dinner options. Any tips guys? Would love to read your suggestions.


  1. Think before you eat.. i should share this picture. Keep pushing hard Enyonam.

  2. Wow! The picture puts it into perspective isn't it!

  3. Based on your chart... I will be doing cardio for a month after my food fest last night

    Boo sad face


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