Saturday, December 1, 2012

December is Here.

November has come and gone. It was a great month for me. I joined a weight loss forum and logged in all my meals and exercises. I failed to journal for only two days but on the whole I believe I did great. Logging my food intake really made me watch what I was eating. I think it also motivated me to exercise regularly too. Seeing people journal Taebo, Leslie Sansone videos, Body Pump, Insanity etc. made me realize that if people are working harder to achieve their goals, so must I.

Anyways, I gave my tickers a reboot. I said I was not going to disclose my weight earlier till i reached 200lbs but, where is the accountability to you guys if you can't witness my losses and gains? So I've decided to continue the weekly weigh-ins even though I'm not 200lbs. :-) 

How many of you guys have heard about the Warrior Diet? The folks at the weight loss forum seem to be into it because most of them have lost crazy amounts of lbs by following the program. Apparently, you eat  little during the day and then eat (not overeat) your main meal for dinner. I tried it during the week and I must say it's not a bad regime. You get to eat fruits and vegetables in the day and then adequate amounts of carbs and proteins at night. I must confess that it does take a bit of discipline to ensure that you don't binge :-)

I'm hoping that if I follow my diet and exercise plans to the letter I would be able to reach Onederland by Christmas. I'm also thinking of getting a camera so that I can post more pictures here.

Here's to a great month. Cheers.

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  1. Yes to getting a camera! Make sure you tell Father Christmas that you want one because Tim loves seeing pictures! :)


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