Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Identifying Culprits....

Mental note to self; Diet Soda does not help my weight loss efforts. After a couple of experiments I realized that I gain anytime I drink Diet Coke. I guess my body identifies it as one of the bad guys. So no more diet coke or pepsi  for me. 

I also noticed that I'm consuming food that is three to four times less than what I used to eat before. It's amazing to find that the body needs very little amounts of the various food groups to thrive. Wow! So where did all the junk use to go in the past? Of course that was a rhetorical question, the mirror in my room shows me the answer every morning. Lol!

Exercise has been pretty good lately. Unfortunately my  foot hurts so there may be no workouts for me today. Guess it's from all the skipping I've been doing lately. Not my fault, I really love skipping :-). Will try the elliptical though to see if I can handle it tonight. I went on a three week gym hiatus but I will be resuming attendance next week. I'm glad that my trainer will get to see a loss on the scale even though he hasn't seen me in three weeks. Though I've been telling him about my workouts, I have a feeling that he has a few doubts. 


  1. Yea I totally agree with you- listen to ur body. By reading ur post I just realized that it is probably the diet soda I have consumed for the past few days that's increasing my appetite. I av been so hungry and peckhish this week unlike in November when I started my weight loss journey and blog:). No more diet soda for me . Thanks babe
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  2. Your body knows what's best. Cutting out soda, even diet, helps tremendiously with the weight loss. Once I switched it out with tea and water, I dropped a pant size just in 2 months without any exercise. You can do it!! Keep it up!

  3. Hmm, I quit drinking soda a few months ago and the last few weeks I have been losing weight better than I have in a long time. I bet there is a connection.

  4. I never drank diet soda throughout my weight-loss even though it was allowed and I lost steadily. Some people react negatively to sweeteners and you could be one of them! I do splurge once in a while and order a diet Coke/Pepsi if I'm out with friends. A girl's gotta have some kind of cocktail:)


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