Monday, February 4, 2013

Weigh In No. 5, January Recap.....

January has been a great month. I exercised on 26 out of 31 days. Yayy! I also ate more vegetables than ever. I realized that my love for jogging has increased. There's no stopping me now. Even if the weight loss process is a slow one for me, I will persevere to the end.

Previous Weigh In: 207.5 lbs
Today's Weigh In: 207.9 lbs
Gain: 0.4 lbs

Am I surprised? No. Am I upset? No. I'm not surprised because the previous week was very stressful and I think I overdid the carbs a little bit. I'm glad that I did not gain a pound. That would have pissed me off. Lol! Not to worry though. Next week would be better. Besides, I have lost 5lbs in the month of January. That's an achievement for me. Here's to another 5lbs in February.

February, here we come!!!!!

Have a great week folks.


  1. 5lbs in a month is wonderful! I have been following your blog for sometime now. I love jogging too.

    Good luck for the month of Feb :)

  2. I agree with what you said..the most important thing is to be victorious in the end. It doesn't matter how slow the weight loss process is as long as you keep pushing 'til you reach your goal.

  3. You had a great month! Onward to February where you are going to hve another greeeeeaaaaaatttt month!

  4. 5 pounds is good!!! Keep it up!

  5. Awesome job losing 5 pounds in the month! You need to go at the pace that is right for your body. This journey is yours and yours alone. Now time to kick February's ass too!


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