Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Started Skipping Again!

I have not blogged about my weight for  a while because I just couldn't do it. I couldn't put up a number that would disappoint all those who look up to me. I've been on this journey for more than three years and been only able to lose and keep off 33 lbs. To some of you that's a lot but to me, it's not enough.

These past few weeks we have been experiencing a lot of power cuts in the country due to certain reasons I don't even want to get into. That has sort of put a stop to my morning jogs since I can't be sure of my safety. So, after not working out for almost two weeks it hit me " Why the hell am I not jumping rope?" That's what helped me lose those 33 lbs anyways. So, I resumed my skipping yesterday. Did 1000 jumps in the morning and another 1000 in the evening. :-)

This morning I did another 1200 jumps and I'm hoping to top it up with another 1200 in the evening. All that's left to do is to watch the things I put into my mouth. That has always been the damn problem. lol!


  1. Don't say you ONLY kept off 33 pounds....celebrate that you DID keep off 33 pounds! In the last three years I gained it could have been much much worse!

  2. I promise to look at the positive too! Thanks MaryFran. :-)

  3. 33 pounds is awesome, no matter the time frame! And jumping rope is great exercise. I may give it a go. I haven't jumped rope since I was a girl. Good luck with the food choices. You're right, it is the hardest part because eating (for me anyway) is such an emotional thing. Work on changing your relationship with food and I promise it will get easier. Food and I have a new understanding. It fuels me so I can run, nothing more. You can do it:)

  4. I'm going to start skipping now too! I always forget I have a skipping rope I can't do it indoors but now that it's not -40, yes I'm serious, it's only -7, I can skip in the porch. That's the plan!

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