Monday, February 20, 2012

Weigh In - Week 7

Last week's weight - 204.4lbs

This week's weight - 202.6lbs

Huge sigh of relief! Thank God! I lost 1.8lbs this week. After a stressful week which had me in a mini car crash and losing a lot of money to repair damages, I was so sure that my bad eating habits would leave me with another gain. Thankfully, I exercised like crazy.

Hope you all had a great week.


  1. Sorry to hear about the crash. I hope you're okay!! Considering everything that's happened, congratulations on the loss!

    1. Thanks Tim. Other than the fact that I was a bit shaken for a few days, I'm fine.

  2. Sorry about the Crash Enyonam i really love the efforts you putting into this..Keep Going hard..have a blessed week..

  3. Are you OK? I am sorry to hear that you were in a car accident those can be so stressful, but if you are blogging I guess that you are ok. You are so close to ONEderland. Maybe next week (keep your fingers crossed!)

  4. Sorry about the accident!! Hope all is well!! Keep up the great work!

    Stay focused!

  5. Car accidents are so stressful so it really is amazing that you had a loss! Hope you are okay and good luck in the upcoming week :)

  6. Congrats on the loss! So sorry to hear about the accident but at least you weren't hurt.

  7. Glad to hear your are physically okay, but a car crash is always so scary - and not to mention expensive!

    And look at you losing weight in all that chaos - that is nothing short of fantastic!


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