Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The First Few Days of June....

In my previous post I mentioned that I had gained a couple of pounds and was working to lose them this June.I also decided to tackle weekly goals. And looking at my habits so far I realized that the cliche "No pain, No Gain" is a fundamental truth. When we experience physical pain in the gym, we gain muscles and stamina as well as lose weight. When we painfully set aside the extra serving of ice cream or that croissant, we reduce calorie intake and lose weight. Are you seeing the connection?

So, as I sat down to analyze my eating habits, it suddenly dawned on me "I was eating two calorie-dense meals on a daily basis". Lunch and supper. So, I copied a 1200 calorie meal plan from the internet and adjusted it to include meals I like to eat. The result was beautiful. And guess what? The pounds have started dropping again. I love the feeling of being in control. So, I'm just going to continue planning my meals and exercise and sticking to the plan. Hopefully, if I'm good I will finally be under 200lbs by the end of July. I've also decided to put weigh-ins on hold till I reach 200lbs. After all, I don't think re-posting weight that I had already lost would make an interesting read for anyone.

So my fellow weight loss bloggers and readers, how has your week been so far? Any NSVs we should know about?


  1. 1200kcal may be a little low for long-term weight loss. Make sure your body does not confuse weight loss with starvation!

    1. I hear you Diandra. I once visited a dietitian who said 1200 calories for females who wanted to lose weight was okay. As long as I don't go below that I'm fine.

      And don't forget that there are so many filling foods that can make 1200 calories seem like a lot. :-)

  2. Good to see that the plan is working. Be interesting to see how you do this month! Good luck :)

  3. That sounds so great! You made a plan, and it's working, nothing is like that! I agree with Diandra about 1200 being on the low end of the scale, because the body does need fuel. :)


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