Friday, June 8, 2012

Vegetables Really Do The Trick!

Who knew? Just kidding. We all know the importance of veggies in our diet. However, it's the fact that they fill you up with less calories is what has got me excited. It's already a week and I'm down by a kilo (2.2lbs)! And I didn't even exercise on all seven days (I managed to squeeze 4 days though).

I've been loading up on green beans, cabbage, carrots, green peppers, strawberries and oatmeal. I cut down my intake of rice and I haven't taken Diet coke in a week! One week down, three more to go. 


  1. Wow! Keep up the great work and stay focused!!!

  2. That's AWESOME! You will find that steering clear of diet coke will help too, artificial sweetener is known for so many bad things. Way to go, keep it going!!


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