Monday, May 14, 2012

Recap in Pictures and Words.

Last week was a great one exercise wise. I attempted my first 10K! It was fantastic and I finished it in 1hr 51mins. As I screamed "yes!" at the gym a few people actually congratulated me for achieving such a feat. :-).

I did it! 1hr 51mins

Then on Saturday I did a 5K in 52minutes; which is an improvement from 54 minutes. It felt really good to be jogging for 20 minutes straight.

Me getting ready to take a shower after my 5k.

The sad part is that I haven't been eating so well. To top it all I had severe diarrhea on Saturday and Sunday :-(
Guess that was my body's way of getting rid of all the bad stuff and sending me a message. This week will be better.

Started the day with a 5K walk/jog and some ab/arm exercises. Happy Monday to you all. Don't forget to exercise today :-)


  1. Great start to this week and good effort for last. I haven't been eating brilliant lately so i've decided to start again this week!

  2. I just love the Progress Enyonam.. :)

    PS.Tagged you in the 11s game..please see my blog :)

  3. Does anything feel better than just simply maintaining a jogging pace for an extended period of time? Nothing fancy about it - just good old fashioned endurance and mental discipline. Congrats to you!! I now want to get on my treadmill!

  4. Read what you said about not eating well. I read this book this is helping decide on what to indulge in and what not. I can't email it cost its so big but you can download it.

    Hope it helps like it is helping me.


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