Friday, February 25, 2011

94.7. I'm Not Surprised...

The past two weeks have been hell for me. Had a nasty bout of the flu. Imagine how embarrased I was when I had to carry a box of tissues in my bag to the launch of a new product. I know what you are thinking... But in Ghana, the flu is not a good excuse to skip such an important event.

Tried to exercise twice but the sneezing and coughing just kept interrupting my walk. In the end my Dad had to plead that I stop stressing and body and let my energy be used in curing my cold. So, my weight has fluctuated all week. It's been moving from 94.1 to 94.7. Today it is 94.7. Hopefully when I continue my workout sessions, we'll be in the 93 zone.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Tata..

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  1. Once your body recovers fully, you'll have a lot more energy and it'll make exercising a lot easier.

    Get better soon Enyonam! :)


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