Thursday, January 13, 2011

Two Are Better Than One!

After putting off jumping rope because the sports bra didn't seem to support the twins adequately, it finally hit me this morning when I realised that I didn't want to walk on the treadmill. Two sports bras!

I tried it and had a quick and fun filled jumping experience. 1000 jumps was a breeze and I intend to do the remaining this evening... I can't wait :-).

I hope to see some weight loss by the end of next week. I didn't do so good with exercising since my knees were affected by the bad weather (Dunno why). Hopefully jumping rope will solve that problem for me.

It's a new day and I'm feeling good...

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  1. I'm going through your archives and I had to laugh at this post, because I do this too! I never seem to feel secure in sports bra, so I will often wear two! Nice to know I'm in good company :)


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