Friday, August 17, 2018

Day 157.... Step 2 Beckons

Oh my goodness! The week has been absolutely fabulous! I'm becoming smaller by the day and I'm loving the compliments that are coming my way.

Meanwhile, my consultant and I have agreed that it's time to move to Step 2. This step allows 3 Cambridge products in addition to a 200 calorie meal, made up primarily of proteins and veggies. To ensure maximum success on this Step, I have actually created recipes on MyFitnessPal with measurements calculated to ensure that the meals are actually 200 calories. This is a lot of work but once the recipe is created, you are sorted for life.

I must say I'm very excited that I will be eating stuff other than the products. Considering how long it's been, I'm sure my palate will appreciate the difference in flavors.

Weigh in was great this week. I lost 1kg/2.2lbs. I'm actually eager to leave the 80s and move to the 70s.

Will be sharing some images and recipes once I start. Till then, enjoy the weekend y'all.


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