Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Getting Back To Where I Left Off....

After a year of working at a fun but most often stressful job, eating junk at late hours and gaining back kilos that I'm ashamed to write here, I figured it was time I got extra serious about dropping this weight once and for all.

My approach this year is quite simple. Moderation. The key word here is to have whatever I want, as long as I am eating in moderation and making the amount of calories I'm entitled to daily.

I'm exercising too. I do walks and the elliptical as much as I can. Eventually, I will be at a steady pace of exercising on a daily basis too.

I got a Fitbit Flex which has been aiding me with increasing my movement throughout the day. Will share that in another post.

Wish me luck as we try to kick the weight off this year.



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