Friday, September 13, 2013

Today's Eats....

I realized that I hardly post food pics so I decided to give you guys a feel of what I eat. I'm on some medication today so I'm actually eating more than I usually do. Thank God I managed to exercise this morning to balance out my food.


I never thought that I would be a fan of almond milk but, when I finally tried it with cereal I totally loved it. I use the unsweetened version which has 40 calories in each serving of 240ml. How awesome is that? It even has less calories than skimmed milk which is 80 calories per 250ml. I had it with Fit & Active Vanilla Almond cereal. Have any of you tried it? You should. Calorie-wise it is around the same value as Special K for a cup.

Breakfast: 343 calories (2 cups cereal + 300ml almond milk)

I almost forgot to show you how it looks out of the box. See the little almond pieces? I love cereal that has nuts and fruits (It is no wonder that I'm a huge fan of muesli ;)) 

My yummy lunch (Chicken breast, spaghetti and mixed vegetables)

I love stir-fries. I can eat any vegetable you put on my plate if it is stir-fried with the right spices. Today's lunch is a simple Chicken, mixed vegetable and spaghetti stir-fry. It had green beans, carrots, sweet corn, green peas and cabbage). Does that look like a lot of food? Guess what? That's 548 calories only.

Like I said, spices makes it possible for me to eat any vegetable. I however an careful not to do the sodium bit. See the main additions to the meal.

Spices + Olive oil cooking spray

 I still haven't decided on what I'm having for supper. It may be a sandwich with some tea or a smoothie.  

How about you folks? What are you eating today?



  1. Today is fried food overload for me (it's mom's birthday)...and oh boy I got acid reflux! Ugh. Well, dinner is oyster mushrooms and young luffa, so it sort of balances it out.

    I still haven't tried Almond Milk... will try it as soon as I empty my non-fat milk carton.

  2. I love muesli too. The one I am using now is with mixed dried fruits and nuts! Even when I eat regular oats I always add chopped almonds in it :)
    Your lunch looks delicious

    1. Almonds are delish! If only they weren't high in calories when taken in abundance. Lol!

  3. Really love muesli myself. I sometimes take it with yoghurt or fruit juice, but mostly with soy milk.
    Your lunch is totally making my stomach growl right about now.
    I've honestly forgotten how to calculate the calories in the food I eat :(

    1. How can you forget how to calculate calories? Are you nuts? lol! Perhaps you should visit for assistance.
      Never tried cereal with soy milk before. I always take soy milk as a stand-alone drink.

  4. Hiya! Just found your blog today and really enjoying it! I used to have one weetabix biscuit with soya milk topped with blueberries and it usually came to about 150 cals but these days I just have a boiled egg and am usually OK till lunch.

    I can see you are on my fitnesspal, Im on a journey to lose just under 50 pounds. Add me if you want (steffana).

  5. Your food looks great! And almond milk is yummy with granola too!

    I just discovered your blog today and it's very inspiring seeing your progress pictures, because I just recently started my own weight loss journey. Check out my blog when you have time!

  6. Your food looks delicious. :) Especially the lunch!
    Thank you for welcoming me back into the blogging world, means a lot to me :)



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