Monday, July 9, 2012

When Food Becomes The Enemy....

I was talking with a friend after our workouts at the gym this morning. The discussion centered on how our food intake was affecting our weight loss. See, when I exercise it's an intense affair. I've always talked about how my food choices seem to negate my exercise efforts.

Anyway, my friend then starts to talk about how I should say no to food after 6pm. It was at that point that I made a crazy statement that startled both of us. "Maybe I should try saying no to food after 2pm". 
"What?" Are you crazy? You are acting as if food is the enemy, she said. You see, there are times when even the sane ones like us who have read lots of literature and know that unsustainable eating practices like this do more harm than good get impatient. Lol! The bottom line is I'm not going to do that. It's not a race. I will patiently do the right things.

This morning's workout was a cool 5km walk/run on the treadmill. Let's see what tomorrow brings.


  1. What! No food after 2pm?? That is just nuts! I am so glad you saw that, but I know what you mean, sometimes out of frustration I think stuff like, maybe I'll just eat celery today. Uh? NO!

  2. I've jokingly (maybe) said I wished I could have my jaw wired shut for a few weeks! Food is NOT the enemy, but it's hard to remove ourselves from and recover from our addiction when we have to confront it at least three times a day!

  3. hi, I partially accept your post title. But I cannot accept timing except environment. Foods are involved in important roles for self body fitness. But we must be careful on which situation we will go to take food.

  4. Very good post - it's funny to see how we get caught up in things sometimes and good things there are friends around to give us a mental shake (reminder of our saner selves)


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