Thursday, May 12, 2011

Do We Really Need All That Food? Detox- Day 3...

So, yesterday was a very busy day for moi. I didn't even have time to eat. All I ended up taking were oranges, an apple and some vegetables with one boiled potato for dinner.

Going on this detox made me realise how much junk we put in our bodies in the name of hunger. If one can survive on vegetables and fruits, why do we go for the pizzas, ice cream and other junk foods that do us more harm than good. I made a resolve this morning after being able to go for three days without all these things. After this detox, I'm definitely watching every single thing that goes into my buccal cavity.

I feel so fresh and light.... Detoxing once in a while is good!

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  1. Hey! Is that targeted at me or something? Do leave my pizza alone. But you forget to add cheese burger.


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