Monday, June 13, 2011

Before And Now!

So, I was looking at a few pictures and I came across one the one picture that made me realise that I was obese. Sigh!

This was how I looked at 242 pounds. Gosh! I hated it!

                   Now, this was taken last week. It may not be a great difference but I'm feeling good.

This is me at 202.6 pounds. Yes..  I can't wait to hit Onederland!!


  1. I`m so happy for YOU Enyo..U sure gonna get to Onederland. Just keep the work outs Up,.. :)

  2. Great going girlfriend! Now, all we need is to pay a visit to that Chinese clinic!

  3. Great pic! You're so close! You can do it :)

    P.S - Everytime I see a picture of you, you've got the happiest smile on the planet! I bet you don't even own a picture of you with a grumpy face. If you do, I dare you to show us! LOL


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