Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Got This.....

When I fall I won't drop
Something in me won't let me stop until I reach the top
I keep going
I keep showing
The whole world everyday i'm growing
Everything everything everything everything everything in me
Says I got this....

This are lyrics from the song I Got This featured on Jennifer Hudson's new album "I Remember Me". After listening to the whole song i found myself relating to the lyrics. Many people still don't believe I can reach my goal weight. Some look at me and say "U are supposed to be fat... or, u won't look beautiful if you lose weight" What? That's support for u. I can tell that only five people support my weight loss and these include my parents, boyfriend and a very good friend of mine.

So, when JHud goes like "Ain't no stopping me" I sure can relate... I must say that i'm grateful to have support from u fellow bloggers. I would have had to keep these things to myself and ended up being depressed. You guys know I got this. :-)

Love you all...


  1. Ain't no stopping U Enyonam.U gonna hit the target..U got the fullest support from your newest stalker :)

  2. Thanks Didi. I sure wont let any of us down. :-)


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