Saturday, November 6, 2010

97.8, Crunches Make Me Nauseous!

I'm so tired. Thank God I'm not doing any serious exercises today. The walking that I'm going to be doing whilst shopping and cooking is enough exercise on my "off" day.

So, I've been trying to balance my workout with the usual dumbell, resistance bands etc . plus cardio workout but, there is one problem. I can't do crunches without feeling like I'm gonna throw up. The leg raises are fine, the side bends are fine but the crunches..... ArggggHHH! It can be frustrating. Any ideas on how to stop this? I need you guys....

Weighed in at 97.8kg this morning. Good. I'm just gonna take it easy and hope I don't eat the wrong things today since Saturdays are like the best days for the food devils to strike.



    There is a good animation on that website which might be worth checking out to see if your technique is similar to the one they recommend.

  2. The only time I have ever felt like I was going to throw up while doing crunches was when I had eaten supper too close to going to the gym. I should have a light bite and had supper after. Or when I had done the ab work at the end of my workout and by then had consumed a whole bunch of water. I try to do the ab work closer to the start or even in the middle now. Seems to have helped. Keep it up, you're doing fantastic!!

  3. @ Tim: Thank you so much. This technique is much better than what I've been doing (meaning I've been doing the wrong thing all along?).

    I've bookmarked the site for future reference. :-)

    @ Michelle: It happens to me even on an empty stomach. But with Tim's help all that is gonna change. Thanks for the encouragement. Mmuuaah!

  4. Tim & Michelle made good points. Those are ways you can get nauseous especially during abdominal workouts.
    You are also likely to feel nauseous if you skip warmups and start your workout with abdominal work.
    Different people react differently so take a closer look and you might find why you feel that way, if different from any of the above.


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